[ If you are new to the #markofthespiderman viral campaign, you can play catch up in chronological order 1-here, 2-here, and 3-here. ]

Last Night Atlanta and Seattle were in for the first field trips.

Brief recap: 10 hoodied Spidey-Hunters were supposed to meet at an unknown location at 8pm, with the cellphone they had found during the second hunt.

I followed the Atlanta operation.

Pictures courtesy of @GuestUser17

1. How It Played Out

We had no idea what was going to happen last night, and for the sake of it, I am going to assume you are reading this article because you don’t know what happened.

So let me re-create a bit of the mystery and suspense that surrounded the event, thanks to @GuestUser17, @Rev_Ian, and  @dag_Kurt tweets (might be the time to put a dramatic score):

(picture from @GuestUesr17)

If you think you are understanding that the Atlanta Operatives were sent out to tag spots in the city… you read well.

The group sticked together and went from one spot to another to tag PP’s infamous logo. The whole operation took about 2h.

The operatives also received QR cards that once scanned redirected you to… markofthespider-man website.

It kind of felt like an anti-climatic moment, especially since we, the Spidey-Watchers, were hoping this field trip would also be an opportunity to kick-in some ciphers and twists.

That said, if you go now on the website you will see that the static-screens are playing thumbnails of pictures taken during the Atlanta and Seattle operations (credits to @sneakymoustache for noticing it first):

2. How Did We -The Spidey Watchers- Follow All That?

@WikiBruce and @GuestUser17 were each inspired to make this location-limited operation a global experience:

  • a chat room was opened, where a handful of muy simpaticos Spidey-Watchers exchanged information and comments.

Of course the lack of clues slightly altered the mood, but I can definitely see the potential of such a setting, and it is a lovely way to exchange.

(I am not sure if the chat-room will be on for the other cities, you’ll have to ask Bruce directly.)

  • As for @GuestUser17, he officially unlocked the title of Spidey-Padawan when he streamed the operation!

If you missed it, you can watch the archives here. Below is a clip, for you consideration:


  • Finally, if you have a twitter account, #markfothespiderman is the hashtag to use and follow for fresh updates.

3. What Now?

So my theory that the field trip was going to be an intermediary step to another move from #markofthespiderman collapsed last night when the operation ended, and the Spidey-Hunters went home with a t-shirt and a Spider-Man logo signed by director Marc Webb:


Another question we had was: is every city going to have the same task?

Seattle was in for the same treat last night, and there is no reason to think that it will be different for the four remaining ones since this seems to conclude a mini-cycle of some sort.

Of course I am hoping someone will realize something is hidden somewhere (have you checked the t-shirt carefully?), because having continuity is funnier, and because this is now the third operation limited to on-field players, and there is so much one can do to keep the enthusiasm alive.

In the last few days, the community has been growing steadily and you can feel the excitement and desire from people to participate and get sucked in.

The only thing we need now is something to talk about.

May The Fun Continue…

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  1. What a blast this was. I keep hoping that they phones will come back into play as I still have mine with me just in case. I wonder how long the tags will stay in place before someone tags over them?

    • I bet it was fun :)
      I think Seattle ‘Phone’s confiscation’ is not going our way alas… Out of curiosity, did you get to talk to the people ‘in charge’? info//info//info :p

      • It was a blast. I didn’t really get to take to any people “in charge” I don’t think. We had 4 people with us, the graphic artist (to help with spray painting) a guy driving, a guy filming and the girl who had all the forms and was in charge of giving us the background of the event. I don’t know if anyone else with us got a chance to talk much about the event.

        • totally understandable. not sure they would have said much (or even if they know anything) anyway. Thanks for the update and the tweets last night :)

          • It was not a problem at all.

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