If you are anywhere near Earth as you read this article, you probably haven’t escaped the massive campaign the Weinstein have unleashed to put The Artist under the spotlight.

Because yes, sadly and independently of a film’s quality, what often makes the difference for awards are the buzz, and noise, and charm, and parties, and flash thrown at members and at the audience.

The W. brothers might just have received a nice little help in the form of a tumblr created 10 days ago by a group of friends in Belgium, and named  jeansleepingonpeople.

What’s a Tumblr?

90% of the time when I mention Tumblr my interlocutor tells me ‘What’s a tumblr?’

It is a tough question since a Tumblr is everything and nothing really, but I’ll try to tell you why you should pay attention to what is happening on it if you aren’t already.

Tumblrs are light blogs where usually passionate people posts pictures, gifs, (often short) texts, gifs, songs and also gifs, about whatever they feel strong about.

The Neo-Teenagers (my definition of neo-teenagers includes anyone between 10 to 35 at that point) are crazy about it, and one picture can just go everywhere and go viral in a blink of an eye.

The only “problem” is that tumblr is chaos (which is why I love it).

There are no rules, no censorship, it can be confusing, overwhelming, and that’s why serious people haven’t find out how to use its potential yet.

Why do I think this tumblr is brilliant and can mark a change in the way we think how to promote our tiny movies?

What I love about this tumblr is that each picture is a potential viral picture, and there is 233 of them. (In 10 days!)

You don’t even need to know who Jean Dujardin is to stumble upon one of this pic and decides that it’s funny: Einstein, Lost, Seinfeld, Sarkozy, Brangelina, Obama, Mona Lisa, Jesus, Justin Bieber. E.T. etc. anyone on tumblr is potentially a target for jeansleepingonpeople.

Even better, they engaged with the tumblr users by inviting them to submit their own version of Dujardin sleeping on people, and by making them active, they probably gained an exponentially growing audience.

Because people/we love to participate.

So this is how you can exploit tumblr to promote your movie:

  1. Find a catchy concept. (For those familiar with tumblr, notice they had the good idea not to name it fuckyeahjeandujardin but instead put the concept right in the tumblr’s name. Although they probably didn’t think about it, it was a great choice.)
  2. Find ‘Iconic’ (to your Target) Pictures
  3. Develop and Spread your concept.
  4. Let people make it their own and participate

I also strongly believe this doesn’t have to be limited to a ‘fun’ concept.

Spend some time on tumblr and you will see how reactive and witty many neo-teenagers are, and because they are passionate, if they like something, nothing stops them and the ball rolls by itself.

Of course when it’s an isolated picture or few gifs, it doesn’t make much sense, but imagine developing a gif story, or a standing concept like this one, and all of a sudden a lot of people will get to be familiar with a piece of your movie and might be curious to know more about it, or react when they’ll see the teaser or will hear about it from someone else.

This is only a marketing tool, it has to be tailored to your movie’s needs, and you will still have to deliver a good movie. (And yes, if you are filming a heavy drama, this article is probably of no use to you, but pretty much any other genre can use it).

If you can come up with a good concept, people will want to help making it viral, because people want to participate to things they like. And having people getting involved in promoting your movie, isn’t that anybody’s dream?

I hope this will inspire you as much as it inspired me. (This is only me speculating and projecting based on what I see and know, so you might very well disagree and think this is pure bs.)

And if I am not 100% wrong and if everybody starts doing it tomorrow, it will just become another mainstream marketing tool that will be recuperated by big shots, and people will reject it.

But today, it is not, and this tiny window is open and free.

So let’s grab it.

[thanks to @navo ]

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  1. Tumblr is so great! We love it

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