I am loving this new wave of free livestream events  that Festivals and Industry-related events seem to have embraced lately, enabling anyone in the world to participate and gain in awareness. (looking at you, France)

The last in town (and to my personal joy) is Paley Fest 2012, an event dedicated to TV Shows where the cast and creator(s) talk about past and coming seasons, and whatever else they feel like, really.

If you are, like me, a bit of a TV Geek, you will have this year the opportunity to watch them live online.

I have attended the Paley Fest in Los Angeles, and if you can be there, don’t hesitate. It is the closest event to a Comic-Con experience TV-Wise, without waiting for too many hours.

Here is the list of the shows programmed this year:

  1. MARCH 2, 2012 American Horror Story
  2. MARCH 3, 2012 Community
  3. MARCH 4, 2012 Once Upon A Time
  4. MARCH 5, 2012 New Girl
  5. MARCH 7, 2012 Sons of Anarchy
  6. MARCH 8, 2012 Bones
  7. MARCH 9, 2012 Castle
  8.  MARCH 10, 2012 The Vampire Diaries
  9. MARCH 11, 2012 Revenge
  10. MARCH 12, 2012 Two and a Half Men
  11. MARCH 13, 2012 Mad Men
  12. MARCH 14, 2012 Modern Family

The catch: if you can’t log in and watch it live, the event won’t be archived and it’s lost for good.

To see more about the schedule, click here



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  1. Thanks for this awesome information !

    • YW! Alas, I think Community passed. Mad Men and SOA are coming tho :)

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