Take 15 minutes and watch the two videos below,  L.A. based director Andrew Huang‘ universe will likely rock your world.

His ten-minute experimental short Solipsist won in its category at Slamdance, this past January, and you probably won’t wonder why too long.

I cannot remember when was the last time I watched an experimental short film and got driven into the filmmaker’s universe, without once thinking ‘this is bs.’ 

Experimental videos are probably one of the hardest form to go for to touch people, and I would have loved to have a sneak at the preliminary meetings, where Huang had to describe his vision to his collaborators:

The best part of this is, if you are dying to know how it happened, there is also a three-minute making-of that won’t give out all the process’ secrets, but will give you a fair idea of how many steps, people and ‘time’ it required.

I actually started with the making-of after an enthusiastic tweet from Shorts of the Week that I have to thank for this discovery, and went backward. (As I said before, I found making-of to be sometimes more interesting than the final product.)


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