Mozilla, in partnership withThe Tribeca Film InstituteThe Center for Social Media at American UniversityITVS and BAVC, launched yesterday The Living Doc Projects, that has for goal to “produce events, projects and code aimed at revolutionizing Web-based documentaries, using the power of new open Web tools like Mozilla Popcorn to create new ways of telling stories online”.

Their first collaborative effort is the two day documentary workshop Hot Doc Hackaton that will take place in Toronto the last weekend of April.

If you don’t know what is a Hackaton, you can watch below the video from the Live Doc Projects page. (Fair warning, the sound is very bad, which undermines the content and makes it a hard watch)

If you don’t want to watch the video, here is what Mozilla says:

Modeled after the “hack day” format of the open source community, this event brings documentary storytellers and technologists together for two days to produce an original web documentary. A tonic for the long timelines of traditional documentary production, hack days allow documentarians the chance to get their hands dirty with technology, try out ideas, and have a finished product at the end which they can continue to iterate.

Interesting, you thought? I thought so too.

Like the Cross Video Days Market in France, that is still receiving project until March, 31, The Hot Doc Hackaton has an unfriendly name but offers a practical opportunity for filmmakers to make their project move forward and meet with peers and collaborators, and all that for free.

You just need to have a project.

You have until April, 2 to be one of the six team (composed of a documentary filmmaker (director or producer) plus a team member with rudimentary proficiencies in web technologies such as HTML that will then be paired up with a Mozilla developer) that will attend the workshop.

If you attend the event let us know and share your experience here!

To Read more and fill the form, click here.


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