I haven’t been able to follow properly the Prometheus campaign this week as it reached its official first level of craziness, but thankfully @antovolk who also puts live updates on a Prometheus dedicated tumblr agreed to write a recap 101.

If you have missed the beginning of it all (the TED Talk, the website, the first cipher) check this brief recap, otherwise enjoy Anton’s great work:


It was the day the new trailer was due to debut. It started with a leak of the 1-minute IMAX trailer, that was due to be unveiled later that day with the full new trailer as bonus content by calling **MOVIE.

And that revealed a new viral website, Project Prometheus.

The home page still has just the logo and like/share buttons.

But things got even more interesting – Weyland Corp have added a corporate timeline to their site, and any mention of Project Prometheus would link to this:

that revealed this:


Many attempts were made that day by people on Twitter, and people on Unfiction, to access the promised “database”, but none of that worked.

The next lead though was at the FOX panel at WonderCon 2012: Weyland Corp. business cards were handed out to attendees:

 [Image courtesy of ComingSoon.net]

The phone number at the bottom, **WEYLAND, was indeed a real number, and calling it would give you a “please hold” message, which also advertised other Weyland products, such as this:

And if you listen carefully to the message over the phone (available here ), during the ad for the company’s translation device of sorts, the following can be heard:

Quand le royaume du paradis est descendu, le royaume etait en place. Allez trouver votre recompense. 

Translation: When the kingdom of heaven descended, the kingdom was in the right place. Go find your reward.

(thanks @GuestUser17 for translation)

Was this a lead? We would find that out several days later…

Oh, and two more trailers were released that weekend, a US one, and an International one.


Many theories were circulating around, mostly linked with the fact that the “star map” from the film is similar to the Aquilla (eagle) constellation:

[screencap of Datvi‘s post on Unfiction]

And that the URL /245409 is a designation of Gliese 208 in the Orion constellation, and it was one of the stars that Cosmic Call 2 was trying to communicate with in 2003. (Cosmic Call was the name of two interstellar radio messages that were sent from RT-70 in Yevpatoria in 1999 and 2003 to various nearby stars.)

And another password page was discovered, by chance, on the Project Prometheus Forum by Nephilim_LV426 

Hah, so again, the return of the slashed URL:

The original way the /ERIDU password page was meant to be discovered, was probably using the message from **WEYLAND that you can see above.

Eridu, is the first city in the world (according to the Sumerians at least) and also the potential location of the Tower of Babel. But this is where it gets interesting. Read this:

[Source: Eridu Wikipedia page]

See the similarities to the French message?


 the official UK Twitter account of the film tweeted this:

This is, of course, the Pleiades constellation, but unfortunately that didn’t really lead anywhere. Not until the next day came, at least.



While some were discussing some theories regarding /ERIDU on Twitter, Weyland (I’ll refer to @PrometheusMovie as that) themselves intervened.

This then prompted our Twitter team of ex-MTS/MOTSM players (some of whom were involved in this on Unfiction, Twitter and other places) to reassemble.

By the looks of it, the masterminds behind this wanted to wrap up quickly, so every step closer to solving /ERIDU once and for all, was commented on or retweeted by Weyland.

See the whole Siri/Matrix-esque malarkey coming from them here.

See the capitalisation of Tell?

That is because the modern name of the location where Eridu once was, is Tell Abu Shahrain.

And that turned out to be the actual password, apart from, of course, having in in lowercase and with spaces. So, if you type in tell abu shahrain as the password on http://www.projectprometheus.com/eridu/, then you would get this fantastic still:

So, after some celebration, work recommenced on /245409.

The Cosmic Call 2 indeed was the right clue, as further tweets/clues suggested:

And so, if you look at the signal that the project did send to HD 245409

And as @Jason_Diaz discovered (after a few hints from Weyland), remove the arrows, keep the comma, and you pretty much get the password!

So that unlocks the second still, as seen here:

And as a reward, us Weyland Investors ended up getting an email containing a quarterly company report! You can see it here!


Wasn’t that an amazing report and an amazing ride?

Following from an eye this type of ambitious campaign can be challenging, especially when there are so many hashtags, twitter accounts to follow, sources to discuss/debate/speculate, facebook pages etc. so here are a mini-list of sources (others were mentioned in the previous article)


So, as of now, there has been many known hashtags used for the campaign:

#projectprometheus (the latest one but that seems to have dethroned its competitors)

#weylandinvestors (where investors drink virtual whiskeys and smoke virtual cigars while speculating and waiting for a rush of adrenaline)

#uncoverthetruth (lost residuals for alternative investors I would say)

and #prometheus of course, but it is not said that this is used for the ARG per se.

This might evolve. I hope not, but I have a feeling it will.



As Anton mentioned, two official Prometheus twitter account have been active participant so far:

@PrometheusMovie and @UK_Prometheus

I know you think what I am thinking: There will be more of those too… (damn)


And of course, follow the active actors of this craziness and the websites, tumblrs, forums that host cosmic conversations.

That’s it for today!

To Be Continued….


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  1. Good recap. However, for the sake of correctness, it should be noted that the /eridu/ subdirectory was found by posters on Unfiction first (again, by chance, using information from the trailer): http://forums.unfiction.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=930603#930603, notice the timestamp.

    • Thanks for that info Antares, it is always better to get it right indeed!

  2. I´m part of a group of volunteers that is starting a new scheme in our neighbourhood in San Diego. One of the community projects that we are about to initiate relatates to your blog, and therefor some of the information here is of value for us and I just wanted so say thank you for that.

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