Since Canon has announced its new DSLR, the Canon 5Dmk3, a LOT of reviews, with micro and macro updates have been coming out from pretty much everywhere.

Luckily, simpatico DP/Filmmaker Philip Bloom has had his hands on it, shot tests while in New Zealand and did a 17 minute clear and entertaining video explaining all the pros and cons of Canon’s latest baby.

I’m the recent owner of a 7D and the 5Dmk3’s price is nowhere near my league, but it is always good to see what improvements are coming out to understand better the options that exist for indie filmmakers.

If you are just starting to look into DSLRs, this is also a great video to understand what are the limitations of these cameras, so don’t think that because you are not planning to buy one, or know nothing about it, it can’t be of any interest for you.

At the contrary I would say.

The video is self-explanatory, I could sum-up what Bloom says for the sake of writing, but he just does it better:

Via Philip Bloom

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