If Green Screens are common tools in todays TV and Film Productions, they still seem out of reached to indie filmmakers who work on very low to zero budget projects and can’t afford to rent a studio, the lights and pay the crew necessary to make the magic happen.

But this is changing, and thanks to L.A. based filmmaker Jon Carr, you can now watch a step by step guide of what you would need to have and do to go from a green screen shot, shot in a gas station, to a Downtown L.A. ‘Chronicles’ feel.

Turns out you don’t need that much, at least on the technical side of it:

1- Pre-Production: a clear vision of the final shots, to make sure you get all the elements you need.

2- Production: a green screen, and as you can see from the picture above, you don’t need a giant wall, a camera with good resolution (Carr shot with an Epic, and added some stills taken with the Canon 5d) and, depending on the ambition of your shot, a dolly, a crane etc. to create movements. (Carr used a Kessler Crane).

3- Post-Production: After Effects, Photoshop and a lot of Time, depending on your level in both programs.

The tutorial is 33 minute and is a condensed version of the process.

Green Screen is not a technique that can be applied with three clicks and a plug-in, but if you take the time to work on it, it can add tremendous value to your movie. (If needed and justified.)

I had always been told that one of the big problem with Green Screens was lighting it properly, but Carr did it all with natural lighting apparently, and what he achieved is pretty stunning, especially when you see it was a two crew-men shot.

The tutorial is a great 101 guide, the screen resolution is great and steps are outlined very clearly. Definitely a must watch and re-watch if you are planning to try it yourself:

Via Vincent Laforet


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