Director Whitney Alexander and animator Kipp Jarden spent four months working on creating an animated music video for Art Decade’s latest single, Western Sunrise: ‘the foundation was to completely create it on the iPad 2 and the Procreate app‘ explains Alexander in the making-of below:

This is yet another example that tools keep getting cheaper and opportunities are everywhere, waiting to be ceased to create, and that’s a great news. But the euphoria attached to this type of exciting news shouldn’t make us forget that it is a tool you buy, for a cheaper price, neither the idea, nor the skills to use the said tool.

If (I had an iPad and) I were to buy procreate tomorrow, chances are nothing would happen because I have zero drawing/animation skills. If you do, on the other hand (or are planning to learn it), this is an excellent news.

And now to the result:

thanks to @animationmentor, via Mashable


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