If you haven’t made the switch to FCP X yet (or another editing program), you might have noticed that FCP 7 is slowly fading out anyway with new plug-ins and tutorials being tailored for its nemesis version.

Crumple Pop offers a series of plugins for both FCP 7 (even 6 !) and FCP X that gives this extra-pro touch to your editing.

Some of them are free and available for instant download.

I purchased the SplitScreen plugin for FCP7 couple of weeks ago and after a little time to understand and adjust to its limitations, I appreciated the opportunities it offers.

I had several questions -regarding the limitations- and contacted the Crumble Pop team, they answered back quickly and kindly, making it a great customer experience.

The FCP X SplitScreen plugin is much more advanced and offers all what I have been missing in the FCP7’s version, but the good news is that you get an instant free upgrade when you switch to X.

I do feel like it was a good investment and Crumble Pop a good company to be interacting with, whether you go for a free plugin or purchase one.

Hence this article.

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