PBS Off Book is a web-original series that comes out every Wednesday and explores cutting edge art, the artists that make it and the people that share it online.

Their latest addition, The Art of Film & TV Titles, explores how credits that impacted us and became part of our pop culture were thought and designed.

Peter Frankfurt and Karin Fong from Imaginary Forces explain:

‘The key component of our design is just a concept work. We hope something is esthetically striking, esthetically memorable, but hopefully the reason why it resonates is because it’s so true to the story it’s telling.’

Frankfurt & Fong have been known for making two of the most iconic titles in recent memory, and here is what they have to say about Se7en:

‘What Fincher needed was a formal expression of what he was going for, not so much to mirror his style, but rather to reinforce his style but in a completely different way.’

and Mad Men:

‘That show became part of the culture and the title sequence became part of the culture and that final image of Don Draper, with his arm draped over the back of his chair, became the iconic image of the show.’

Ben Conrad, who realized the titles for Zombieland and Jim Helton for Blue Valentine also explain how they worked to create titles that would add to the movie and be unique experience to the audience:

Via Press Play

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