Here we are for a second The Art of Framing!

The good news is today is about Pedro Almodovar’s Broken Embraces, a movie that plays with many formats, colors, textures to narrate a multi-layered story. Rodrigo Prieto (Cinematographer), Antxón Gómez (Production Designer) , Victor Molero (Art Director), Marta Blasco & Pilar Revuelta (Set Design) and the hundreds of people working on the movie are all to thank for.

The bad news is that I watched it on Mubi and the movie was only up until that day midnight and the internet connection was crap, so I could only capture frames of the first half. I had seen the movie before, but I still wish I could have covered it all for the purpose of the article.

Although timid, it is an introduction to Almodovar’s universe and his team’s beautiful work and as you’ll see, it couldn’t be more different from Sherlock’s. I particularly love how color and symmetry are key elements in this movie.

I hope it will make you want to watch or re-watch the movie.

Precautionary disclosure: this article is for educational purposes and not to prevent anybody from making money (on the contrary). If it does hurt someone’s interests, please email me and I will take it down.

21 Frames from Broken Embraces

Til next time!

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