It’s been a while since the last animated short narrated shared on mentorless, but it definitely worths the wait.

The Eagleman Stag is an eight minute no-CGI-all-stop-motion animation short writen and directed by Mikey Please, which was the 2011 BAFTA animated short film winner.

As you can already see from the pictures above the lighting and the sculptures are both stunning. But these two elements combined wouldn’t have been enough to make The Eagleman Stag the unique short it is: the story is ambitious, the editing is dynamic and challenges the viewer, there is humor and food for thoughts, and that what makes it a special project to me.

Have a look and decide yourself:

And that’s not it.

if you’re curious to see a bit about behind the scene, Please has uploaded a time-lapsed making-of of a scene, promising that more will come soon our way.

Please has currently an indiegogo campaign running to fund his next stop-motion project, Martyn Miller. Once again the storyline is ambitious, and Please does a great job explaining the Hows and Whys of his new baby.

The perks are great, especially if you’re interested in making stop-motion animation (for $10, one of the perk is the whole story-board as a downloadable PDF. That’s a crash course right here), so have a look and support if you feel like it.

[Thanks to James Houston]

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