Oscar-winning cinematographer Jeff Cronenweth talked for 45 minutes about his career and more specifically his work on The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and long time collaboration with David Fincher.

The sound quality is terrible, but it is very interesting to listen to Cronenweth. But in case you don’t have the time or patience to go through the whole video, below is the list of themes evoked:


  1. About how he ended up working on The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. (20 sec)
  2. About his collaboration with David Fincher  (2min21sec)
  3. About getting up to speed to work on TGWTDT (4min10)
  4. About shooting 160 days (5min20)
  5. About Post-Production (7min10)
  6. About shooting with the RED and on the EPIC (7min50)
  7. About shooting on film vs digital (9min20)
  8. About projecting film vs projecting digital video (10min48)
  9. About shooting in 3D (12min30)
  10. About Robert Richardson’s shooting in 3D (13min10)
  11. About having a camera operator and shooting with 2 cameras with Fincher (14min20)
  12. About his favorite cinematographers (15min42)
  13. About grewing up in Malibu (18min10)
  14. About going to film school (19min45)
  15. Audience Q: About the Chase scene in TGWTDT (21min28)
  16. Audience Q: About his approach to psychology and pov (23min50)
  17. Audience Q: About the windows as lighting source in TGWTDT (24min35)
  18. Audience Q: About working with Fincher, him being so visual (26min20)
  19. Audience Q: About instincts versus plans (27min42)
  20. Audience Q: About the lighting tools evolution (29min30)
  21. Audience Q: About TGWTDT books influence on his work (31min01)
  22. Audience Q: About the lenses he used for TGWTDT (32min19)
  23. Audience Q: About working with a monitor to judge color (33min27)
  24. Audience Q: About the worse thing that can happen on a set (34min45)
  25. Audience Q: About casting his cinematographer’s eyes in real life (35min50)
  26. Audience Q: About planning to do in post or not (37min27)
  27. Audience Q: About Kodak  (39min)
  28. Audience Q: About film vs digital preservation (40min)
  29. Audience Q: About the monitors he used and following up during DI (42min45)
  30. Audience Q: About compression formats (44min10)

Thanks to @catch_the_mouse

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