Was there a May 2012? 

That’s the question I am asking to myself. That might be because I wrote Meta-Me #5 two weeks ago and consequently don’t really feel like a lot of time has passed.

I spent 24 days out of 31 in Turkey and worked on one of my marathon projects. I got about 3 kilometers closer to the finish line, but I did learn that writing this graphic novel is certainly the project that excites me the most at the moment.

I like the challenge of writing a long story (it will be anywhere between 100 to 200 pages) and doing everything by myself.


It is definitely kicking my ass, to say it bluntly, especially because it looks terrible: I don’t know how to do a straight line (that might be the moment where I should confess that I don’t know how to draw (seriously)), so I also need to learn how to put my ego on the side and keep moving forward instead of throwing my pencil and going all tantrumy (especially since I’m way too old for anybody to find my tantrums cute).

I am conscious that this is the second consecutive Meta-Me without proper result, and without a film/video! (scandalous scandal)

Despite the fact that I have two musics from Jared Fry (the composer from my latest short) awaiting for images, despite the fact that I had said I will work on different types of projects, despite the fact that my head is boiling with ideas etc.

I could feel mortified and drawn in my own guilt but then, who will publish this article? So I decided to accept the non-linearity of my creative path and share with you a tumblr and a talk that inspired me this month instead:

The Tumblr:  Adventuring in Storyland by @gizegen.

Gizem is someone like me, and maybe like you. Someone who wasn’t supposed to become a writer, even less in English, and who is trying, against many odds, to write an extremely ambitious story.

It’s hard enough to write something but to do it in a language that isn’t yours because you have no other choice can often make you feel like a fool in flip-flops and shorts trying to climb the Everest.

Gizem has recently opened this blog to share her unique journey, hoping to exchange with other writers and/or eager readers, and of course to warm up her writing muscle when her heart is not into writing chapters.

I love it because it is risky (when I started mentorless I was always scared people would start insulting me because my english was not good enough), because as another adventurer in a foreign language it inspires me to keep working, and because I believe trying to build a community of like-minded people is essential to feel better. So if you feel close to it, keep an eye on it and connect with the girl!

The Talk: Neig Gaiman’s Speech to The University of The Arts Graduates

You might have seen it already, but if you missed it, I can’t recommend you enough to watch this 20 minute inspirational speech from writer Neil Gaiman.

There is nothing I can say you won’t hear yourself, but two things sticked with me : MAKE GOOD ART and THIS IS PRETTY GREAT, YOU SHOULD ENJOY IT.

See why:

Till next time!

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