Back in January, Ridley Scott and Youtube announced they were launching Your Film Festival, a free and worldwide opened entry film festival looking for shorts under 15 minutes in any genre that were celebrating the power of storytelling.

  1. Phase 1 (sending your film) closed March 31st.
  2. Phase 2 opened yesterday: the 50 semi-finalists competing were announced and you can watch the shorts here and vote for your favorite until July 13.
  3. Phase 3: will close the competition, with 10 finalists seeing their film screened at the Venice Film Festival in front of a jury composed (to name few) of Scott and Michael Fassbinder.

Photo from Super.Full. Lebanese short movie in competition.

We don’t know how many shorts were send to the competition but I believe it counted in thousands.

Each film was competing within its Geographic Region (GR): North America, South/Central America, Africa/Middle East, Asia/Australia, and Europe. We don’t know how many shorts per GR were selected (nor if there was a set number per GR) but 50 semi-finalists are offering a varied selection and should prove interesting.

Here are the numbers per Geographic Region:

North America: 11 movies out of 50

  • USA : 11 movies selected.

South/Central America: 7 movies out of 50

  • Brazil: 3 movies selected
  • Puerto Rico: 1 movie selected
  • Mexico : 1 movie selected
  • Chile: 1 movie selected
  • Bolivia: 1 movie selected

Africa/Middle East: 5 movies out of 50

  • South Africa: 1 movie selected
  • Egypt : 1 movie selected
  • Lebanon: 1 movie selected
  • Israel: 2 movies selected

Asia/Australia: 10 movies out of 50

  • Australia: 5 movies selected
  • New-Zealand: 3 movies selected
  • Malaysia: 1 movie selected
  • Japan: 1 movie selected

Europe: 17 movies out of 50

  • Spain: 5 movies selected
  • United Kingdom: 3 movies selected
  • Denmark: 2 movies selected
  • Belgium: 1 movie selected
  • Russia: 1 movie selected
  • Poland: 1 movie selected
  • Ukraine: 1 movie selected
  • Italy: 1 movie selected
  • Sweden: 1 movie selected
  • France: 1 movie selected

Photo from Wickate. Malaysian short movie in competition

Running Time:

  • Less than 5 minutes: 2 movies
  • Between 5 and 10 minutes: 10 movies
  • Between 10 and 15 minutes: 38 movies

I have yet to watch any of them but I am planning to. If you do, let me know what you think about the selection and which short is your favorite (if any).

To Be Continued…

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