Alan Ball, one of the most prominent TV writer in the last decade, but also know for his Oscar win for American Beauty, talks for two hours about his career.

The man is as open and frank as you would imagine, and gives many details on how he arrived where he is today.

Below is the first part of the video, broken down so you can go directly to the points that interest you, if needed. I particularly enjoyed the last 10 minutes about how he works with his staff. If you ever wish to work in his team, you’ll know what to do after that.


1) 00:20: About his family and background

2) 2:40: About his interests growing up

3) 3:43: About the first movie he watched

4) 4:35: About what he wanted to be growing up

5) 5:05: About watching television while growing up

6) 6:08: About College/University

7) 7:55: About being in the Theater Scene in NYC

8) 9:43: About supporting himself while in NYC

9) 10:20: About how his playwriting lead to writing screenplays

10) 12:23: About what he learned during his first job writing for a sitcom

11) 13:50: About how he handled tension on the set

12) 14:45: About Cybill, the second show he worked on and how it lead him to write american beauty

13) 19:05: About working to Chuck Lorre

14) 19:50: About tensions on the set of Cybill

15) 21:35: About American Beauty being fed with anger

16) 22:15: About Cybill being “subversive”

17) 24:55: About his favorite Cybill episode

18) 25:31: About the relationship between exec prod and writers

19) 27:13: About finding the idea of American Beauty and writing it

20) 30:20: About Television work experience’s influence on writing a screenplay

21) 30:50: About being a writer for TV and/or Films

22) 32:15: About the first series he created for ABC

23) 36:10: About how he wrote Six Feet Under Pilot

24) 37:30: About Six Feet Under

25) 41:22: About the genesis of Six Feet Under title

26) 42:09: About having taboo topic

27) 43:30: About finding ways for people to die

28) 44:02: About researching for the show

29) 46:02: About sexuality and homosexuality in the show

30) 49:12: About religion and morality

31) 50:52: About filming the pilot

32) 52:22: About the opening credits

33) 54:35: About being a showrunner

34) 56:10: About selected writers and the writing process

Thanks to The Black List

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