I was working on a much more serious article about the Kiss Kiss Bank Bank workshop (the French Kickstarter) during The Cross Video Days when I stumbled upon this freshly uploaded stop-motion animation from directors Kelly Lippmann and Axelle de Biasi.

The music video was made for odd-o-matic, the latest song of french band El Deyma.

I thought it was a very well executed and smartly thought through music video.

I am assuming the band didn’t have much money to invest on it and an indoor with real-objects stop-motion animation is certainly a great way to overcome a potential budget obstacle.

Seeing the recent success of similar stop-motion videos about books and the “niche” market of shoes lovers, I wouldn’t be surprised if it goes viral.

I am certainly not against helping it gain some views and in all fairness, I should admit that I am pleased to see that two women have been directing it AND that the hero is an ALL STAR. (Rock on Lippmann and de Biasi.)

Enjoy the ride and stay tuned for the delayed report about KKBB, the Cross Video Days and much much more, I have a long list of awaiting potential articles that you should appreciate!

Thanks to Tchavdar Pentchev

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