Following and completing Part 1 (and as it is often the case), here is the second hour of Alan Ball’s Interview. It really focuses on his HBO shows, and there are some spoilers, so make sure you check the breakdown below the video if you want to avoid them.

I find his comment about The Writing Process on His Show particularly interesting, and it’s minute 32.



00:10: About going from writing Sitcoms to Drama

01:18: ABout Six Feet Under Drama and Humor

02:28: About blending reality and fantasy + flash backs

03:30: About the freedom HBO gives him

05:10: About having a favorite character to write for in 6 Feet Under

06:06: About having an idea where it was going

06:21: About a typical production week on 6 Feet Under

07:30: About the casting process for 6 Feet Under

09:00: About getting the characters to be endearing

11:00: About each character’s arc (SPOILER ALERT)

17:35: About 9/11 affecting the show

18:42: About Six Feet Under’s Finale (SPOILER ALERT)

20:00: About being nominated for 6 Emmys and winning an Award

21:38: About Six Feet Under’s legacy

22:15: About coming up with True Blood

24:39: About the premise of the show

25:45: About his involvement on the show

26:00: About going for a supernatural story

27:00: About the difference between the show and the books

27:38: About fans reactions toward the changes from the books

28:00: About Charlene’s involvement and where she is heading

29:00: About choosing her world

30:00: About vampires being so successful

32:00: About the writing process on the show

33:00: About vampires being a metaphors for gay people or not

34:30: About the show might say about life in the south

35:30: About mortality in this show

36:00: About censorship

37:35: About having a preferred character to write for

38:00: About the casting process

39:23: About how each characters’ evolved.

43:00: About having a favorite episode

44:30: About the six minisodes to tease S3

45:10: About the role of internet in the series life

46:20: About the fifth season

46:50: About current projects

48:00: About the key to create a successful tv show

49:21: About giving advise to someone starting writing and wanted to write for tv

50:30: About picking the highlight of his career so far.

51:37: about where he sees himself in 10 years

Thanks to the blacklist.

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