(Hans Meiera dedicated DP)

‘Le Miroir‘ is a six-minute “silent” (as in: no dialogues) short film that retrace the life of a man, from his childhood to his old age through his point of view (pov), itself reflected back to the viewer through a bathroom mirror.

Telling a story through a bathroom mirror point of view has been done before, but french tandem Ramon and Pedro (Antoine Tinguely et Laurent Fauchère) add a new layer of reflection with this double pov.

What I particularly enjoyed in Le Miroir was the techniques used to deliver the story smoothly and dynamically.

There are great visual transitions that illustrate perfectly how 1 image is worth a 1000 words, and the sound editing is a major element as well.

Once again, a great work on sound gives life and depths to a story.

Below are both the short, and its making-of, a three-minute video that gives great insight about how they technically achieved shooting this story. (all the pictures are from the making-of)


Le Miroir – Behind The Scenes

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