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June was:

  • surprising
  • intense
  • busy
  • rainy

Out of this list, there’s only one word that doesn’t get me closer to perpetual happiness, and that’s rainy. 

June was a good month, it was such a good month actually that I just realized now that we are July 15.

I was tempted to wait for the end of July and do a 2 in 1 Meta-Me but then I clearly heard a voice in my head saying ‘stop finding excuses to be lazy‘ and there was no other way but to write it, to prove my voice wrong. (I have a conflicted personality on rainy days)

So, what can I tell you?

Regarding my

  • graphic-novel project: I met with the friend I have been kindly calling my agent for the last six years, and showed her the first 30 pages I had written while in Turkey. I told her: ‘I want to write one page per day.’ She told me: ‘Maybe you can try a more realistic goal, like 3 pages per week?’ I said: ‘Good idea!’ and stopped working on it for four weeks. Ha. Logic. Logic. I started working on it again few days ago, and even though it was technically during July, I still wanted to share with you the ‘cover’ (see picture above.) Woot, isn’t it? [PS: my agent said ‘The cover is what you do last.’ What a joy-killer. Tsss.] Anyway, I want to do it, and you can slap my face if I don’t finish it before I die. Word.
  • my latest ‘for-the-beauty-of-starting-participatory-project’ project: Meet Gravestones Stories. This is a project I did start in June, that had been in my mind for a while and that I am having a blast doing. The concept is simple: What would you put on your gravestone if you could put anything? Of course by ‘you’ I  mean any character you feel like imagining telling a story. Go check it out, it’s funny and an easy way to create something quickly. If you feel like adding your story on a stone, send it to me via email, tweet, or the tumblr; you can stay anonymous or put your name. You chose, I execute.
  • the relay-races: to my utter shame and frustration, I still haven’t been able to spend time on working on Jared’s music. He has been really understanding but I also told him that if he wants to use his music for moving projects, I would understand too. This is to be continued, whether it will be with the music Jared sent me or another. I also want to do an editing of all I’ve filmed in Turkey, possibly on FCP X, so I’ll get to warm up. More on that another month too.

Meanwhile, in the real world…

aka the world where money doesn’t grow on trees.

Things have been moving fast and forward, and I hadn’t seen it coming, which amplified the whole process ups and downs. (it’s actually an ongoing process)

Basically in less than two weeks I ended up with three job offers, for three completely different jobs  (one in editing, two in writing) and all these jobs are films/video related and compatible schedule wise.

What the…

Could all these years of hard work and sweat pay off now? I certainly hope so. More on that next month, when everything will be either confirmed and on paper or dead and forgotten (by the universe).

That’s it for June my dear deers, hope to see many of you on gravestones, hope you are all doing well, and hope to be smiling in two weeks, as I write Meta-Me #8.

to be continued… 

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