Fair warning: If you are a fervent Game of Thrones fan, this interview won’t open the sky in two.

It is mostly intended for  mainstream  audience and the interviewer favors self-centered questions, but George delivers and shares his story that I didn’t know well and found interesting.

As usual, below is the breakdown of the subjects they talk about:

  • 1min25: About his childhood
  • 3min15: about his influence
  • 3min30: About having letters in Marvel
  • 5min: About the Hollywood Experience
  • 6min17: About being hit by GoT idea
  • 7min30: about keeping track with everything
  • 8min34: About being compared to Tolkien
  • 10min15: About being an accessible writer
  • 12min20: About Cersei
  • 14min: About Joffrey
  • 16min: About Arya
  • 16min20: About sex and violence
  • 18min20: About Daenerys
  • 19min: About killing his characters
  • 20min30: About the ending

via Thompson on Hollywood

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