Charlie Kaufman is one of the most generous screenwriters around when it comes to talking about his work and his journey to get where he is.

Last September, he gave a 70 minute speech that closed the BAFTA’s Screenwriters’ Lecture Series. Director/Editor Eliot Rausch (that you might already know from his Vimeo Festival winning short Last Minutes With Oden) extracted five minutes from Kaufman’s speech, and cut over a video titled What I have to Offer.

Kaufman delivers a powerful speech and his honesty and intensity are both parts of his trademarks and his strength. Thanks to Rausch’s edit, these five minutes actually sound like a manifesto, a call to rally forces and think different; to create different.

There are so many great moments within those five minutes that I actually felt the urge to transcribe them so I could get back and read Kaufman’s speech whenever needed.

Watch Rausch’s edit and read Kaufman‘s speech below, enjoy:

Thanks to Damon Lindelof

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