This is a guest post by @Star_Nubalo.

Star was a key plant  player during the Mouth Taped Shut promotional campaign launched few months before Fincher’s The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo release. Eight months ago, she wrote the article closing the beautiful craziness we all went through during two months, so when she asked me if I would publish her open letter, I said yes. (How nice of me)

Enjoy, and may this letter have a nice domino effect (i.e. share it if you feel like it):

Let’s finish what we started.

(An open letter to Sony Pictures and David Fincher)

Ok, so I’m back.  No big deal.  It’s been a year since our friends @MOUTHTAPEDSHUT started us on our journey and I think it’s time we know how it will end.

So where are we on Stieg Larrson’s Millennium Trilogy?  We know that Rooney Mara and Daniel Craig are in for the next two movies.  We know Steven Zaillian is currently writing the screenplay for both TGWPWF and TGWKTHN. But we still don’t know who will be directing these two movies and when it will happen.

TGWTDT had one of the best transmedia campaigns the fans had ever seen.  The buzz for this movie was absolutely huge. What other movie had teenage girls and women in the 60’s both waiting in line for the premiere?  (Don’t say Magic Mike.)  However, it suffered a bit from a marketing campaign that thought it would be a great Christmas movie.  Those of us (something like 60 million of us) who were obsessed with the book series could have cared less when it came out, we were going to be there.  But for the general public, a movie about murder, revenge, incest, and anal rape may not have conveyed quite the holiday spirit they were hoping for.  Perhaps Halloween would have been better?

As for David Fincher, we know he hates to be talked about and hates that he has become a celebrity.  So I’ll repeat back to him what he has said.  David, if you are going to do this, “you better be fucking serious.”  None of us care when the next two films come out.  Could be 2015, doesn’t matter.  You created a great team, who in turn created a piece of art that we all love.  There are two more episodes that need to be completed and we need you to finish what you started.  Are you really going to let Sony pick some hack to screw up the trilogy?  I didn’t think so.  No big deal, just have someone announce officially that you are in.

By the way, 42 Entertainment, I have two words for you: bigger and better.

Sony Pictures, we know you are in.  We know you are going to get this done.  But for the fans, please make sure you do it right.  Whenever a trilogy exists and the second two are terrible, it detracts from the first film in the eyes of the fans.  If you do it right, you have a cult classic on your hands.  If you do it wrong, you won’t even be able to sell a box set.

Oh, and after an Oscar nomination for Best Actress, the marquee damn well better read, “Rooney Mara IS The Girl Who Played With Fire.”


Star Nubalo

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