Maybe you could tell but until today I haven’t been looking forward to writing this article, mostly because my Summer 2012 felt like Beyrouth 1983 for a long time. When it stopped feeling that way I waited for a client to finally upload a video I completed in April so I could share it but you know, uploading takes time.

In a nutshell my Summer 2012 was:

  • eventful
  • disorienting
  • painful
  • highly creative

If you remember the last meta-me, I mentioned that I had the opportunity to be paid to write. For the industry.

That was a pretty awesome opportunity that very quickly turned into a nightmare. Take all the clichés you’ve ever heard about the Hollywood Industry, put them in France and voila!, you should have a pretty good picture of what I went through. And since we are in real life and not in a movie, the ending was not a happy one.

Out of this disturbing experience though, many positive points have come out (thank you, resilience):

  • I completed a script and discovered I could write in a short amount of time all the while being harassed and having to face lies and economical pressure (I told you I lived in a bad hollywood movie for a month and half)
  • I discovered I could co-write and I now have a potential writing partner if needed
  • I discovered my integrity was more important than ‘making it’. That’s something I always thought I knew but I was glad to see that theory and practice merged smoothly.
  • I got inspired for new projects, already started developing some, and I am excited about all of them.

So, a script and a lot of self-discoveries, not too shabby. You also might have noticed that Scriptmag, a division of the Writer Store, made me website of the week in August:

That  was a very pleasant news. I got really serious about mentorless in June 2011, and even if the last months I haven’t been able to invest as much time as I wanted to update it, it’s always great to see that other people do find it brings something on the vast table that is Internet.

Last, but not least, August was also the month where Star Nubalo, one of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo key player, came back on twitter and on mentorless. If you want to keep an eye on anything regarding the American adaptation of Larsson’s trilogy, follow this gal.

If you made it that far, here is Last Leaf: A Career Based on Mistakes, a three-minute video I enjoyed and felt was appropriate to close this article. (Thanks to @conigs)


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