This infographic comes from an excellent Short of the Week’s article published last January and that has find its way back on the Internet’s front stage this week.

If you take a moment to look at the numbers, it is pretty clear that Hollywood and the audience are heading to a wall named boredom in my kingdom.

What you see here is a simple fact: Hollywood and the audience have been playing it safer and safer over the last decades when it comes to putting money on a movie to watch in a theater. The movie that found their audience and big bucks are the predictable ones. Whether they are good or bad is another question, but they definitely are the ones whose content the audience is familiar with and feels it is safer to spend $10 to $14.

There is a million subtleties to add to this infographic, one being that between 2001 and 2011, dozens of new ways to watch movies and videos in general appeared, and the way people spend their time and $ switched greatly. I, for one, have almost stopped watching movies in theaters because I got used to watch what I want when I want, and my needs and the distributors timing almost never line up anymore. (Also my tolerance for people eating nachos and looking at their phone is close to zero).

So, I don’t think we should fall into depression and start writing Monte-Cristo Vs Zombies yet, but I do think that if you are writing or shooting a movie right now, just make sure that you know another of its realities: if it’s not an adaptation or a sequel, chances are it will have a harder time to find its audience in a traditional distribution path.

This post could be 10 000 words and it still wouldn’t be long enough so instead. Use the comments section to share what you feel about it, and if you want to read more, here are links to the original article and the sites that revived the debate this week :

-Short of the Week

-First Showing

-Slash Film

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