Peter Jackson is part of this small club of directors that made it thanks to his pure love for movies and unstoppable determination. Before being known for the director/producer who put New-Zealand on the entertainment business map and gave justice to Tolkien’s written work, Jackson was just a cinephile with a bunch of ideas, a camera and a strong will.

1987: Jackson completed his first feature film Bad Taste, shot in four years during weekends and after work hours with a group of dedicated friends. The movie went to festivals, won awards and what started as another 10 minute short movie to have fun with ended up as an 90 minute feature film that triggered Jackson’s career.

In the three-part documentary Good Taste made Bad Taste we meet with Jackson, 25, his family and his crew, and discover about Jackson’s life and self-taught film education. It is unfortunate that the movie wasn’t uploaded as a single video (its total running time is a very decent 20 minutes) but it is an entertaining and interesting watch worths the two extra clicks.

Good Taste made Bad Taste is the video equivalent of Rebel Without a Crew, by the end of it, there is a chance you’ll find yourself cutting your wooden table to build a dolly.

Watch below Good Taste made Bad Taste:

Part 1: Presentation of the characters involved in Jackson’s movie, about Jackson’s childhood.

Part 2: About props and special effects

Part 3: special effects, about the film distribution and cast and crew reactions.

Via @LaFamiliaFilm

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