It happened again, to my delight. One of my twitter followee tweeted out loud, sharing his thoughts process and creating a nice space for  reflection and debate if wanted.

This time, it is Digital Media Consultant Chris Dorr that took upon himself to thought-tweet.

In the  giant tweet that you’ll discover below, Dorr gives a definition to what and who is an independent storyteller, and what they need to accomplish to and master for their story to live and blossom. There are three key points here:

  • listening to your audience
  • collaborating
  • thinking like the web

As you’ll see in the end, Dorr asks more questions than he gives answers. I particularly appreciate Dorr’s use of the expression independent storytellers employing moving images; if you’ve read my bio on Twitter, this is how I define myself, and this is what makes most sense to me today. Not many ‘filmmakers’ will only get to shoot features distributed in Theaters, and I do believe we are storytellers first and foremost.

This is a key conversation we, independent storytellers, should have. Feel free to comment below and/or tweet @chrisdorr to share your thoughts.



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