Actor, Writer, Director, Producer Edward Burns keeps being prolific (with a micro budget movie per year) and pushing boundaries.

Burns just revealed that his new micro budget movie, Winter/Spring/Summer/Autumn, will be composed of 12 short movies, each made during one month of the year, the first one being scheduled for January 2013.

The interesting part here is that Burns, who has more than 50 000 followers and is known for nurturing his fan base, communicating with them regularly and involving them on some aspects of his moviemaking process, has come up with yet another way to create a virtuous circle connecting with his fans, creating awareness about his new project and helping it to stay a micro budget movie: he announced that followers will have a say on where the story goes and they might audition for small roles.

The shorts will also be released digitally, something Burns has done before with Nice Guy Johnny.

See below for more about it:

This is another proof that building awareness and maintaining contact through social media in a genuine and smart way can become an asset, especially if you try to be ambitious (12 shorts in 12 months across America anyone?) but still want (or need) to keep  it at a micro budget level.

I think Burns is using the many tools he has brilliantly and I enjoy that he keeps being creative and pushes himself to find new ideas to keep it small and probably maintain his creative freedom.

What do you think about this announcement? Would you participate and help Burns if you were leaving in the right city?

To Be Continued…

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