Lena Dunham went, in what seems a couple of minutes, from doing webseries and being “25 New Faces of Independent Film” series, to being creator-writer-director-actress of the HBO show Girls and the target of a bidding war between publishers for her not-yet-written book. (Stuff in the middle her feature Tiny Furniture, shot on DSLR, and you have the magic combo to become a millionaire before 30.)

Dunham is controversial in a weird way that makes her even more controversial*. There is something about her stellar career that tend to polarize opinions, and apparently you either have to “love” her, or “hate” her. I place myself in the grey zone and I’d have to have 132 coffees with the girl for my opinion to mean anything anyway, but I do admire what she has accomplished so far.

Dunham is a successful doer, which is one of the necessary ingredient to get where she got, and gives weight to her opinions about today’s filmmaking landscape. In the documentary PressPausePlay that  made it on mentorless last year thanks to Olafur Arnalds, Dunham shares her thoughts about it all.

Below is a video that you can watch fully, or you can scan through the chapters that interest you thanks to the arrow under the screen player. (Yes, I’m testing a new system that might replace the good old-school manual chapters breakdown system. It’s not flawless but it will get better. Promise.)

Here is the list of the chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Shifting Landscape
  • Chapter 3: When Did You Realize This New Opportunity In Filmmaking?
  • Chapter 4: On Piracy
  • Chapter 5: What’s Film Worth Online?
  • Chapter 6: How Will We Look Back On This Era?


* This sentence would probably need a live explanation to make sense but we don’t see each other that much, do we? Good thing I don’t have an editor and can write unexplained sentences. Ha.

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