We are well into October so I guess it’s time for another Meta-Me. I am not sure if it’s because I have been sick for too many days now, but I don’t seem to recall that I lived through a month named September, so I will make this one quick. (seriously)

Remember the video I shot in England back in March, edited back in April and I had hoped to share with you last month? Well it’s finally up and available for your eyes and your friends’ eyes only. So this happened I guess.

For those who wonder, I shot it with a 7D and edited it on FCP7. It was truly a guerrilla shoot during three days of epicness, tour-busing from France to England with the band included.

It has english subtitles, so good for us! (I don’t really understand French. I pretend.)

[make sure to watch it in HD!]

Besides that, and before concluding, I need to add that September has actually been one of the most prolific month, creativity wise, since I’ve been back. I think I might be saying that every month.

So I guess the moral of the story so far is that it never goes as fast as I want but it keeps moving forward.

On this profound note I will let you get back to saving the word (only superheroes read mentorless) and I will see you in couple of days for more stories about inspiring storytellers, technics, tools and all that jazz!

To Be Continued…

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