Only few days after the release of the free firmware update for its Hero2, GoPro tweeted yesterday that a big announcement was on its way

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GoPro announced last night the release of their new model, the Hero3, with its 5 stars model at the top of the pyramid: the Black Edition.

But first, here are some of the common traits between all the Hero3 models:

  • 30% Smaller
  • 25% Lighter
  • 2x Faster
  • Improved Sharpness and Less Distortion
  • Redesigned Audio System

The Black Edition has some additional specificities, not only does it come with a wi-fi remote (which, if you’re a GoPro user like me, you know can come very handy) but most importantly it offers:

  • Professional 4k Cinema 12 fps (!) / 2.7k cinema 30 fps / 1440p 48 fps / 1080p 60 fps / 960p 100 fps /720p 120 fps 
  • 12MP photo capture with 30 fps burst

Theses are the major Black Edition’s highlights, but you can read the full list of specs on the GoPro site.

What I haven’t yet been able to find out yet is if the accessories from the Hero 2 are compatible with the 3 (especially the LCD screen).

The Black Edition will be on sale starting October 22nd and is on pre-sale online for $399. Once again GoPro defies the market with its affordable price for a solid camera with an impressive image quality.

And to conclude, watch below the promotional video released along with the official announcement. As usual, expect high level of adrenaline to kick in:

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