I’ve discovered Andrew Huang‘s work along with many seduced viewers through his short Solipsist that won him a Slamdance Grand Prize but also got him a gig as a filmmaker on Bjork’s next music video, Mutual Core.

But maybe you’ve known him since his earlier short film, Doll Face, that he did while studying Art at USC and posted on Youtube back in 2007, only to receive a phone call from J.J. Abrams‘ production company afterwards. (Pretty much exactly what happens to me every time I do a short movie.)

Whether you’ve known Huang since 2007 or are discovering him now, take five minutes to watch the great interview he gave to The Creators Project where he talks about his trajectory as a special effects early on ‘geek’ to a fine-arts artist to a director who now tries to combine organically both sides.

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I’m very found of Huang’s approach to special effects; I love that he does wow me with challenging visuals but that the visual itself has more to offer than just being a technological prowess. Creativity is pouring from Huang’s universe, and I believe his name will keep on appearing on this site.


Click here to watch Solipsist’s Making-Of.

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