Ryan Merkley is not only Mozilla Foundation COO, he is also one of the most efficient speakers I have seen so far on TED. In less than five minutes, Merkley introduces Popcorn, a program developed by Mozilla, free and available on any browser to tell stories differently using videos, links, and live interaction altogether.

As Merkley stresses it out, video is probably the only medium that hasn’t yet known any major modification since the web’s creation:

In few words, Popcorn allows you to mix video with links and live content, to change the size of your video depending on what you want to put your emphasis on, to have your viewer has a unique and updated experience each time they watch your ‘video’ (I’m guessing a new word will need to be applied for this type of ‘products’) etc. It is ‘completely remixable, linked to its source content and interactive.”

Watch Merkley’s presentation below for a better understanding of what can be achieved with it and let’s speculated after that:

Popcorn is probably one of the most exciting new tool I have heard about in quite some time.

So, let’s imagine I am building a transmedia projects with characters having a twitter, a flickr and/or a facebook etc. Depending on when in the story a player would watch a certain video made with Popcornand showing my character’s twitter feed, what the said viewer would see would be completely different from what another viewer saw an hour or a day earlier.

This is a thought that opens endless possibilities to storytellers for free. I am almost delirious as I write this. I think it’s very exciting and holds promises for better, stronger and more creative stories for indie storytellers

Popcorn is Beta Testing and you can get involved in the process now if you’d like to become familiar with Popcorn asap.

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