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The British Society shared an interview with infamous and under-awarded British cinematographer Roger Deakins who has been part of the Cohen’s Brothers team for more than two decades but was also countless great movies such as The Assassination of Jesse James, The Reader, A Beautiful Mind, The Shawshank Redemption or, more recently, Skyfall.

Deakins talks about how he developed his style, working with different directors and methods, selecting his projects and shooting on digital vs film.

 It is fascinating to me to see how humble Deakins is. After all this time, he will admit without hesitating that challenging scenes still keep him awake at night and he doesn’t assume everything he does transform into magic. It is not a surprise really, as I have noticed these are common traits shared by many top artists and craftsmen, but I always appreciate finding them in another professional I admire.

And if you have had to work before with those whose ego can’t pass the doorway, you probably appreciate it too.

The Reader - image -

It’s a vimeo video, so no chapters to fast forward this time (boo) but here is the:

Chapter Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: General Information about the Making-of The Shawshank Redemption
  • Chapter 2: (5: 15) Where did Deakins Developed his taste and creativity
  • Chapter 3: (7:36) What he loves about Melville’s films
  • Chapter 4: (8:00) What he learned from doing documentaries
  • Chapter 5: (9:20) About Frame and Composition
  • Chapter 6: (12:50) Working with Andrew Dominik on The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
  • Chapter 7: (17:15) Working on True Grit
  • Chapter 8: (21:56) About No Country for an Old Man
  • Chapter 9: (25:20) working with Directors that give him space to take chances
  • Chapter 10: (26:00) Cinematographers and Cultural Tastes
  • Chapter 11: (27:55) Working with directors that storyboards vs directors that don’t
  • Chapter 12: (32:28) Working on Digital
  • Chapter 13: (32:50) About Approaching Skyfall
  • Chapter 14: (39:50) Editing With the Cohen Brothers
  • Chapter 15: (41:15) Working on a Single Camera
  • Chapter 16: (43:23) Direct Light vs Diffused Light Sources
  • Chapter 17: (47:07) Is there a film he wished he had shot?
  • Chapter 18: (47:30) What does he feel is his best film?
  • Chapter 19: (48:21) About Being Lucky Early On

If you have enjoyed it and would like to know a bit more, this 9 minute video offers nice complementary information, including interviews with Mike Figgis or the Cohen Brothers, offering their directors’ perspective on Deakins’ work.

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