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Tumblr has been a growing platform  not only for teenagers to post elaborated gifs but also for the filmmaking community to reach out to a wider audience.

As you will see below, it is becoming common for established entities (Sundance, The Academy) and influent websites (Kickstarter, Entertainment Weekly) to open tumblr accounts to post a different type of content.

For this second edition of  Tumblrs-I-strongly-recommend I have selected 10 accounts that I check on a very regular basis and that give me access to a content I find nowhere else and enjoy as a filmmaker.

Hopefully you will enjoy them too:

Cinephilia & Beyond Tumblr - www.mentorless.com

Cinephilia & Beyond

Probably the best tumblr, filmmaking-wise. C&B posts on a daily basis archives of interviews, articles, videos etc. from iconic filmmakers, cinematographers etc. It is linked to @LaFamiliaFilm twitter account, that already has 12k ++ followers and counting. If there is one account to follow, this should be it.


Mouvement Beta Tumblr - www.mentorless.com



Mouvement Beta


Mouvement Beta has been around for a while now, and has made it on this site several times. Curated by a French fellow cinephile (yay), it shares about everything and anything related to films and tv shows. From infographics to shorts to gifs to behind the scenes. You name it.



Kickstarter Tumblr - www.mentorless.com


Kickstarter, the crowdfunding website that has been one of the biggest game-changer in our community, shares tips, info and inspiring anecdotes about campaigns. Hard to ignore.



Story Shots Tumblr - www.mentorless.com



Story Shots


How not to have Emma Coats Tumblr? Impossible, I agree. Coats is not only generous on her twitter accountshe also shares great content on her Tumblr account from external sources or her personal journey as a former-Pixar employe to an independent storyteller. She takes time to answer questions, which is big plus.


Fuck Yeah Behind The Scene Tumblr - www.mentorless.com

Fuck Yeah Behind the Scenes

I believe the title is pretty self-explanatory, and that’s exactly what you’ll get: pictures from movies behind the scene with an anecdote that will often make you say ‘haaa, really?’. Their motto: ‘sometimes it’s what we don’t see that’s important.‘ Agreed.



PBS Arts Tumblr - www,mentorless.com


PBS Arts


Granted, this tumblr account is not ‘filmmakers-only’ orientated, but PBS Arts has proven to be an inspiring source of content, with videos about many subjects that touch and should concern any indie storytellers (and artists). Proof is, two of their videos were shared her, How Colors Affect and Inspire Us and How Se7en, Mad Men and Blue Valentines Credits Were Thought and Designed


Student Academy Awards Tumblr - www.mentorless.com

Student Academy Awards

The Student Academy Awards is not a Tumblr Account that is updated regularly (last post was in June, after the student awards ceremony) but it does one thing: it lets you know who are the filmmakers and producers to follow closely. Winning an Academy Award is not a small thing, even if there is Student in front of it, and knowing who are the winners is like knowing who are the writers who made it onto the Black List or won the Nicholl Fellowship. It doesn’t hurt.


1stAssistantDirector Tumblr - www.mentorless.com

1st Assistant Directors

In the vein of the ‘When… + illustrated gif’ the 1st Assistant Directors tumblr account takes you on the emotional journey of (wait for it) a 1st A.D. Crazy isn’t it? It’s a funny account to follow, that shows the ‘behind-the-scenes’ in an entertaining way but also tells you a lot about what it is to be an A.D.


Sundance Tumblr - www.mentorless.com

Sundance Archives

Like the Student Academy Awards account, the Sundance Archives gets really active around the Sundance season. It is a good way to remember whose life has been changed by the iconic Festival and to be reminded of films that deserve our attention and might have slip through the cracks until now.


Entertainment Weekly Tumblr - www.mentorless.com


Entertainment Weekly

Last but not least, if you’re a TV buff (like me), you might want to follow Entertainment Weekly. Granted it is not academic content level, but it gives you a good idea of what is ‘hot’ and keeps you in the loop. For the digging, you have the rest of the Internet (and here of course!)


What tumblr accounts do you follow for filmmaking content?

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