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So today is THE day where Netflix releases the complete season 1 of House of Cards (13 episodes) and offers free-of-engagement access to any person lucky enough to live in a country where Netflix actually exists.

There has a been a lot of buzz about House of Cards, it being directed by high-profile director David Fincher and being distributed on Netflix only and of course, it is  reaching its first peak today as first viewers and skeptics are sharing their impressions on the web.

Peter Sciretta, the man behind /Film, and Dana Brunetti, President of Trigger Street Productions (Kevin Spacey‘s production company) and Executive Producer on House of Cards just had a Twitter Debate on whether or not it made sense to release all the episodes at once. (You can guess which side Brunetti is on). Franklin Leonard, the Black List Founder even participated, with a dead-on The Wire argument.

I was following and enjoying the public conversation while writing about Sundance winner Ryan Coogler, and it was calling to become part of my collection of ‘To You From Twitter’ articles. (see at the end for the complete list)

Director Phil Hawkins, who you might remember from Being Sold, the feature film shot in two days and released exclusively on Distrify, was the first one to share it, and you can see his post here.


/Film vs Brunetti - House of Cards -

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  1. This Dana guy comes off as a prick. Peter’s completely right about this.

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