“Don’t Worry About Your Gear” How DIY Filmmaker Casey Neistat Does It

You might remember DIY filmmaker Casey Neistat from the Nike commercial ‘Make It Count‘ that went viral few months ago, after Neistat took Nike’s budget and traveled with his editor, covering as many parts of the world they could with the money they had until they went broke, and filmed the whole thing.

Neistat got known for making a lot of short videos, on various and random topics, with a unique approach and, most importantly a DIY approach. He embraces restrictions and uses them to his benefit, doing systemically two things: filming as much as he can no matter the device, and working around an idea and not an aesthetic.

In this 45 minutes presentation at the Vimeo Festival 2012, Neistat shows some of his work, how he made the selected videos, the philosophy behind how he works and how the impact it had and has on his career. Juts like for DANIELS’ ‘masterclass’, Neistat videos are inserted in the presentation, which facilitates greatly the viewing (thanks vimeo!).

I strongly connect with Neistat ways of thinking as I had more success -and way more fun- with the shorts I made for $35 than the one I got a grant and thousands of dollars for. We often get sidetracked with the notions that upgrading gear and budget will help achieve better storytelling, and although I do think that you can’t shoot a biopic set in New England in 1764 with an iphone, I also think that being creative about your restrictions is always the best way to free creativity and obtain an interesting result. (If not a perfect one)

Watch below Neistat’s presentation:

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