Life of Pi - Rhyhmes & Hues - CGI - VFX -

In the last few weeks we’ve talked about editing Life of Pi with Tim Squyres, and about the #supportvfx movement triggered by Rhyhmes & Hues filling for bankruptcy followed by a sad Oscar win.

Today we are going to take a closer look at the actual post-production process of transforming a blue room into an ocean with breathtaking clouds and a blue pillow into a tiger:

Life of Pi - Visual Effect -

Say hi to the Tiger

In this twelve-minute video shot during an ARRI event (Life of Pi was shot on ARRI), Digital Effects Supervisor Jason Bayever of Rhythm & Hues explains the intricacies of creating so many visual effects for a movie shot in 3D.

It is a great way to better understand the challenges a VFX team has to face as well as the amount of time this type of projects require and the creativity needed to overcome the hundreds of obstacles they had to face to figure out how to make it look beautiful, stunning and real.

Life of Pi - Rhyhmes & Hues - CGI - VFX -

Life of Pi Shots breakdown

Seeing how much R&H managed to do is breathtaking and this video is probably one of the best behind-the-cgi-scenes I’ve watched so far. (But if you know of others, please do let me know!)

Watch and spread the love to celebrate Rhyhmes & Hues amazing work:

[thanks to RedShark]

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Life of Pi - Visual Effect -

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