Stanley Kubrick - The Shining - Self-Portrait -

Over the years Stanley Kubrick gave several interviews to french film critic Michel Ciment, and thanks to the one and only @LaFamiliaFilm, a video posted on Youtube in 2011 with excerpts from interviews about Barry Lyndon, The Shining and Full Metal Jacket has resurfaced.

Kubrick talks about his love for thorough researching while preparing a shooting, how it affects every departments and the importance of trying to make a movie look as realistic as possible. It’s with this philosophy in mind that he thus decided to use natural lighting only for Barry Lyndon, giving the audience a sense of what it was like back then to live with a candle light.

If you enjoyed the interview, you can also read another interview between the two men, this time about Clockwork Orange, uncovered by unclesporkums who also initially shared the video above.

[Via BlackBookMag thanks to Cinephilia and Beyond]

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