Extracts From Soderbergh’s Speech For His “Last Appearance Ever Talking Film”

Steven Soderbergh CREDIT: Joe Corrigan – Getty Images

“Retired” filmmaker Steven Soderbergh was the keynote speaker for the San Francisco International Film Festival‘s State of Cinema Address that took place this Saturday night. One of the particularity of this Address was that Soderbergh asked the audience neither to record it nor take photo. So, theoretically, only those who attended SFIFF could benefit from his wisdom, as Ted Hope, the recently appointed new executive director tweeted.

Fortunately, Joseph Beyer did an amazing job at capturing some of Soderbergh’s talk, sharing 25 quotes from the filmmaker’s 43 minute speech.

Following my ‘Tweet Archive’ habit (see below for the complete list), I captured and ‘saved’ what Beyer shared on his timeline. It doesn’t make up for not attending SFIFF Address, but if Soderbergh stays true to his word (see below) and makes this his last appearance ever talking about film (can he, really?), then it’s certainly worth reading and pondering.

UPDATE 04/30/2013 5h50 pm: and now SFIFF made Soderbergh’s video available


UPDATE 04/29/2013 9pmAnne Thompson added the a podcast of Soderbergh’s speech, that you can listen to below:

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