Download and Read Glue, Steven Soderbergh Tweeted Novella in Chronological Order

Soderbergh is dead, long live Soderbergh!

Steven Soderbergh might have said he was done with filmmaking and talking about the film industry, but he is far from stopping being creative and having fun. Using @Bitchuation, a Twitter account created in April 2011, Soderbergh announced in April 29 of this year his intention to tweet a novella named ‘Glue’:

For almost two months, Soderbergh tweeted chapters on random dates, some chapters being as short as 4 tweets and others containing pictures and dozens of tweets.

Composed of 41 chapters, the story is a mystery. (pun intended)

I won’t try to pitch it as I firmly believe Soderbergh did that for his own fun and made it obvious this was not to be taken too seriously. But once you are clear on the level of expectation to have when reading it, I think it works. Glue holds some nice moments, it is filled with good old cliches that will make you smile and absurd digressions that I found priceless.

Chapter 40 is by far my favorite. If you only plan to read one, make it this one.

Because reading any text longer than 3 tweets in a non-chronological order is annoying, I reorganized all the tweets and put them on a pdf you can download below. It’s not pretty, but it will facilitate the experience.

So have a go, see how you feel about ‘you’, ‘him’, ‘Him’, ‘she’, _____, #$@!, and the mouse and let me know!

One last tweet from @bitchuation, that is not part of the ‘novella’, but has its place here:

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