Shooting Fight Club: Behind the Scenes with David Fincher

Fight Club is one of the films that did poorly at the box office in theaters (especially in North America) but became cult among ‘us’, the people who were lucky enough to watch it in theaters, and is now considered one of the best David Fincher’s films and one of the best films that came out in the last decade of the XXth century.

The only frustration being that, because it was shot in 1998, making-ofs and interviews are scarce and scattered all over the Internet. I have yet to find one in-depth interview of cinematographer Jeff Cronenweth, solely dedicated to Fight Club.

Fortunately for us, b-roll and rare footage vigilante TheSheikh1976 has recently shared new videos about the pre-production of the movie. In the two videos below, you will see how Fincher breaks down a scene with his team [the infamous projectionist scene, where Norton breaks the fourth wall and Pitt shows the cigarette burns], how the car crash scene, the inner cave scene, and many more were shot.

And if you want to watch even more footage, listen to the audio commentaries of the movie, download the script, and listen from Jim Uhls, go check @LaFamiliaFilm‘s page dedicated to the movie.

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