Frame by Frame - Stop Motion - PBS -

Despite the faster, better, stronger technological race we have been facing for the last couple of years, that makes SD cameras look vintage and everyone believe that less than 4k doesn’t deserve to be mentioned, stop-motion is an art that has been around forever and has not lost its magic. Recent short films such as Fear of Flying or the Eagleman Stag and its enchanting making-of are as many proofs that the audience, festivals and filmmakers are inspired by this medium that gives you endless freedom to stretch reality, narratives and express emotions.

Once again, PBS Off Book published a great video about the art of stop-motion, interviewing prominent members of its community, including newcomer and Vine high profile account holder Meagan Cignoli, to explain what is stop-motion, why it is such an enchanting medium and what you can do with it.

Frame by Frame - Stop Motion - PBS -

So the PBS Video is more about what stop motion is and means, than how to make one, but don’t despair, if that’s what you were looking for, you can always watch Terry Gilliam himself explaining step-by-step how he does his stop-motion animations for the Monthy Pytons. Not too shabby.

And if you are in love with stop-motion, find out after the video all the articles related to it. Enjoy:

 More about stop-motion animation:

  1. ‘Back to the Start’s Making-of
  2. Terry Gilliam Masterclass
  3. Spike Jonze & Olympia Le-Tan Stop Motion
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  5. Proteigon
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  7. The Eagleman Stag
  8. El Deyma
  9. Frills
  10. Screengrabs
  11. The Eagleman Stag Making-of
  12. Fear of Flying

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