pinit fg en rect gray 28 Lacking Footage? Here is How to Animate Photos with the Parallax Technique

Screen Shot 2013 12 06 at 3.05.11 PM Lacking Footage? Here is How to Animate Photos with the Parallax Technique

Cameras and their surrounding equipments might have gotten cheaper, but sometimes it’s still get tricky to get footage for your video, especially if you want to use historical archives, wild life footage, aerial views etc.

Fortunately, Make Productions founder Joe Fellows explains in the tutorial below how he uses the Parallax Technique to give life to photos. This quickly became his signature and provided him contracts with the like of Apple or WWF, for whom he did an impressive 1 minute 30 sec video made with still photographs from the WWF archives. Watch it to get a better idea of what you can accomplish with the Parallax Technique:

In the video tutorial made for The Creators Project, Fellows shows the step-by-step process, from taking a picture to modifying it and giving it life. The elements you need, when taking a picture to use the Parallax Technique are:

  • some degree of actions
  • a shallow depth of field
  • elements in the foreground and the background

Once you’ve taken or found a picture you deem fit for its final purpose, you need to use Photoshop to create the different layers and After Effects to animate them in a 3D space. Fellows does a great job at pointing out the dos and don’t to give life to a still picture and gives out enough so, if you have access to the Adobe Suite Programs, you can try on your own.


Thanks to @LaughingSquid

*UPDATE on January 15, 2014*: After the high success the above video encountered on the Internet, the Creators Project did a new video with Joe Fellows going into more details as to how use the Parallax Technique with Photoshop and AE.

Check it out here:

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