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By now you are probably familiar with Kerby Ferguson, the writer/director/producer behind the excellent Everything is a Remix series, that connects dots in enlightening. Ferguson is currently working on This Is Not A Conspiracy Theory , a series of videos he successfully funded on Kickstarter, but just shared a one-off about the iPhone.

Everything Is a Remix: the iPhone is not Ferguson’s strongest video, and it doesn’t go very far into the roots and implications of this little object that seems to hold so much social power, but it is nonetheless an excellent 5 minute video to be reminded how it is all about storytelling.

Ira Glass Quote on Story  Everything Is a Remix Is Back With the Story Behind the iPhone

This is not a love letter to Apple. I thought that was important to say, and that is what makes this video interesting as it shows how Apple’s strength lie in adapting and remixing what is, and sell it with a better story. (The selling it with a better story is my 2 cents).

How Does That Concern Us?

No matter how you feel about the iPhone or Apple, it would be hard to deny that there is something to learn from this company and the way it builts its stories from remixing existing information. It is common to hear that everything has already been told, and it’s not the theme or subject of your story that matters, but the way you tell it. And it would be hard to argue that Apple doesn’t do a great job at telling stories in an original way. Or a way that feels original.

This is exactly what this video is about –if you decide to watch it like that.

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