Feeling Down After Another Setback? Video Essay “The Long Game” Will Help Put Your Career Into Perspective And Find a New Breath

The life of a freelance storyteller is anything but a clear path, there is no recipe to anything but this three truth: work hard, work every day and don’t lose faith [and stay a decent human being in the process ]. But even if you apply these three ingredients, no chefs can tell you when you’ll manage to make a delicious cake. We all know it: creativity is a lawless marathon, you start the race whenever you want and can, and you exit it whenever you can’t take it any longer either mentally, or financially. In the meantime, thousands will have dropped and tens of thousands will have joined.

With this in mind, living in a global world can be a blessing and a curse. A blessing because you now have the opportunity to reach people anywhere, and the ‘it only takes one person‘ mantra has never been truer than today. A curse because you get to hear about the “success stories” of others,  (always younger?/always smarter?), while the clock is ticking for you. You’re no longer 20, 25, 30, 35… and what have you done? The voice in our head can be brutal, especially when it’s backed by an armada of success stories.

Meet The Difficult Years 

Can you make it through ‘the difficult years’?

Delve TV made a 10 minute-long video essay titled “The Long Game” and inspired by Robert Greene’s book Mastery,. The videos take a look at ‘The Difficult Years’ through Leonardo Da Vinci‘s example, and why our perception of age and success got distorted in the recent years.

To someone like me, fascinated by behind-the-scenes and making-ofs, The Difficult Years have a powerful attraction, because everything is contained within those years, and because it is something we don’t talk about. It takes courage to talk about a professional setback, and most of the time, we only mention them once they are far behind us and we are on the top of the hill. I’ve always been convinced that these years were key to reaching a strong level of creativity, shaping up our voice and becoming great storytellers, and the video certainly feeds that belief.

Take 10 and watch ‘The Long Game’, an efficient and powerful way to gain perspective on what it takes to ‘become a winner’: