HDTWI Extension #2: Lost in Translation by Sofia Coppola

Good day screenwriters, here is the second Extension of the free eBook “How Did They Write It“, solely dedicated to Sofia Coppolas second feature film, Lost in Translation. I chose Lost in Translation because I remembered it being a silent film, with very little dialogs, and I was wondering how Coppola did convey all the meanings behind those silence, and how much description she was offering for it.

My first surprise was to discover that the script was a shy 75 pages long. You might wonder why I was surprised that a film with no dialogs would have a short screenplay, and that is because it is often harder to write short and precise description than dialogs. (see 12 Monkeys) My second surprise was to see how many internal information Coppola shared in her screenplay, something that is always described as a no-no in screenwriting for obvious reasons, but that seemed unavoidable in a story where very little actions and very little dialogs are taking place.

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