Follow Paul Thomas Anderson During the Making of Magnolia in Documentary ‘That Moment’

one of the most touching moment: PTA impersonating PSH on set circa minute 21

Who hasn’t want to brain pick Paul Thomas Anderson after watching his films, and especially Magnolia, his third film and, to this date, one of the most creative screenplay and feature narrative I’ve seen in the last twenty years? Documentary That Moment is making this old dream come true and thanks to Film Stuff you can now watch it in its entirety below.

Just like Fukcing Kassovitz, That Moment is dedicated to follow a young Paul Thomas Anderson as he makes Magnolia, with all the ups, downs and surprises this might involve. We are far from the controlled and polished making-ofs that are common part of DVDs and Blue-Rays in ‘That Moment‘; the documentary opens on PTA confessing how stressed he was during the release of Boogie Night and how his writing process for Magnolia really happened over the course of two weeks where he was locked in a cabin in the woods, to scare to go out because there was a snake outside.

And this is just the beginning of 1h12 minutes of bliss: in the first six minutes you then get to see a candid PTA screening Network to his crew and then talking about the visual feel of future Magnolia with his cinematographer and production designer, doing production meetings, testing the rain frog and explaining to the camera the order in which he will shoot the film.

PTA simulating a dolly track movement while rehearsing the TV show scene with kids

If you’ve read Magnolia screenplay and/or its selected extracts from HDTWI, you probably wondered how PTA went on shooting so many different sections, with meta-scenes etc. Well, this get to be answered watching That Moment and it’s actually fascinating to see the intensity PTA is throwing into the whole process, how he is physically and verbally engaged with everything happening, in a level that was reminding me of Tarantino’s style.

Until you have time to watch the full documentary below, here are some highlights from the beginning that will give you a taste of the deliciousness awaiting:

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