Discover More than 20 Examples from ‘HER’ by Spike Jonze, in How Did They Write It Extension #3

American filmmaker Spike Jonze is one of the few who’s managed the golden transition from music videos to features, making a name for himself in both fields and beyond. An element that makes Jonze particularly interesting in my eyes is that unlike Gondry, Anderson or even, arguably, Fincher, his body of work relies on a signature style that is both undeniable and yet subtler than his peers.

HER, which was part of the WGA nominated original screenplays this year, and the first feature film where Jonze has the sole credit as a writer. If I did happen to enjoy the film very much, what interested me about reading it beyond my personal taste, was to see how Jonze went about writing scenes -and eventually a full love story- between a man and a voice.

If you’ve already downloaded How Did They Writ It, you know that my goal is to collect examples that showcase different techniques to express specific situations. In that regard, HER had plenty to offer.

The HDTWI extension, made for education purposes only, provides the following examples:

You can download the extension here. If you find it useful and think it might interest others, please do share the article’s link, as opposed of the pdf itself, that would be greatly appreciated.

One step further into Spike Jonze’s Universe:


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